DIY mobile apps

This article on an interesting new entrant to the smartphone app market for museums, TourSphere™ popped up this week on Museum Walk. While this is billed as a smartphone "app generator", from the description it may be more accurate to say that it is an authoring, content management system (CMS) and hosting solution for self-publishing… Continue reading>

Magnetics reinvented

From the world of POP displays, comes a clever new twist on magnetics for graphics. Most people are familiar with magnetic mats and display films with magnetic edge strips - they're close cousins to the lowly fridge magnet. Magnetic-receptive media by Visual Magnetics turn the concept around - the substrate is the magnet, and the film… Continue reading>

The Element of Surprise

People often think of designers as belonging in their own separate silos. You know, web designer, print designer, graphic designer, even interior designer or architect. Truth is, we're pretty good at self-identifying along those lines, and for lots of good reasons. I personally feel that knowing your own limitations is essential to success - I… Continue reading>

Complexity Simplified

I saw a really compelling infographic recently that portrayed how the word of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden spread via twitter. It turns out that one primary source and one influential re-tweeter were the loci for the spread of the news. Two people! This is a tremendously complicated data set to disentangle,… Continue reading>