Over the Transom – Vol. 4

A collection of follow-ups and links to some stories and developments that I found interesting or important in the past week, that I think you’ll find worth reading about too. Computers as Museum Interactives Ed Rodley has done a couple of very interesting posts here and here at his Thinking About Exhibits blog on computers… Continue reading>


I used to work with a very astute site manager at the National Capital Commission (NCC) in Ottawa, Canada. He spent an inordinate amount of his time managing land-use, or rather, land mis-use issues. The NCC owns much of the prime parkland in the capital region, including an extensive greenbelt with a sprawling path and… Continue reading>

How big is big enough?

Anybody who's been working in the Exhibit or Interpretation field for a while will agree with me on this - type sizes in graphics just keep on getting bigger. It's inevitable, really. We have societal demographics that are trending older all the time, and an increased awareness of our universal accessibility (UA) responsibilities. Everybody struggles… Continue reading>

Fly with NYC Parks

Paula Scher of Pentagram has recently completed an update of New York City's Parks Department identity. It's really nice work, well thought out and beautifully presented, just as you would expect from one of the world's top firms. Just one thing was bothering me though — I could not help notice the rather striking similarity… Continue reading>