Visual Twitter

As if Twitter wasn't enough of a time-suck, along comesDribbble, a repository of designer/developer's visual creations. Membership is by invitation only, to keep out the riffraff. But they do let us peek through the window as Spectator, and even hold out the hope of becoming a Prospect. (via daring fireball) Continue reading>

Complexity Simplified

I saw a really compelling infographic recently that portrayed how the word of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden spread via twitter. It turns out that one primary source and one influential re-tweeter were the loci for the spread of the news. Two people! This is a tremendously complicated data set to disentangle,… Continue reading>


An interesting niche player in the stock photography realm,Livesurface sells images designed to be transformed by signage, packaging, clothing, etc. designers into renderings. A smart idea that could be a time-saver on the right project. (via Evan Marnoch via Twitter) Continue reading>