High Volume Manufacturing

I came upon this video recently, and found it utterly fascinating. Although they seem like a mundane everyday item, aluminum beverage cans are pretty much the ultimate in complex, precision high volume manufacturing. The number of steps required to create a can is incredible, as are the worldwide yearly production stats. Some 500 billion of… Continue reading>

It’s All About The Batteries

It's a frequently unappreciated fact that the form factors of our mobile devices are largely driven by the batteries that power them. Not the shape so much, but certainly the bulk and the weight. If you don't believe it, check out the teardown sequences on ifixit.com. The iPad is essentially a battery with a screen… Continue reading>

3D Printing

3D printing has been getting a lot of buzz recently, its evangelists have been cranking up the rhetoric with some pretty heady predictions of a brave new world of home fabrication of, well, pretty much anything. Even some more mainstream publications such as The Atlantic have got in on the act. I've been reading all… Continue reading>