RIM Shot

A forgotten concept from 2009 that might've saved RIM? Meh. The design is sort of interesting, as concepts often are, but so what? RIM chose not to pursue it, for reasons that doubtless made sense to them at the time, so there's little point in rehashing it now. What I find a lot more interesting… Continue reading>

Of Ice and Toasters

The Toaster Project A Toaster made completely from scratch. Thomas Twaites' quest to build a toaster is a strange and wonderful tale of one man's obsession. Not content with buying the materials and assembling a toaster of his own design, he did the maker movement one better by actually mining his own copper, iron, nickel… Continue reading>

Over the Transom – Vol.3

A collection of follow-ups and links to stories and developments that I found interesting or important in the past week, that I think you’ll find worth reading about too. QR Code Follow-up I've had some lively feedback, via Twitter, both pro and con on my post about QR codes last week. Mike Willshaw (@radiuscreatives) sent… Continue reading>

What’s Next?

It was gratifying to see a user experience/interface horror that I had complained about in this space less than a month ago, solved in a highly elegant way by a completely new take on the problem. I'm referring, of course, to the Nest programmable thermostat developed by some ex-Apple Product Engineers. Twitter and the Blogosphere… Continue reading>