New social tricks for an old Dogg

Snoop Dogg is at it again - he's doing a complete end-run on and their imitators: In this Facebook-exclusive ‘Deal of the Day’ promotion, a different product is featured each day. If it gets 100 likes, people buying it will get 10% off the stated price. If it reaches 200 likes, they will get… Continue reading>

Underground Design

Some amazing images of the Stockholm Metro system — seemingly equal parts art, design & theatre. This came to me from a retweet by an unlikely source — love his comment though: Good LØRD. Who was their designer, Willy Wonka? Worth a look if you're interested in public art, signage or wayfinding. Wonderfully whimsical stuff.… Continue reading>

Em dashed

As a frequent over-user of the em dash, I was somewhat chagrined at reading this plea for restraint by Noreen Malone at Slate. America's finest prose—in blogs, magazines, newspapers, or novels—is littered with so many dashes among the dots it's as if the language is signaling distress in Morse code. I was already conscious of… Continue reading>

Ten Lessons

I came upon this post from the 37signals blog which amplifies some of the ideas I was discussing in my recent post about using the principles of Landscape Architecture in exhibit design. It's a piece outlining ten design lessons from Frederick Law Olmsted, the founder of American landscape architecture and designer of classic iconic sites… Continue reading>

Augmented Reality

I've been writing a bit lately about the potential of mobile technology to radically change museum and site interpretation, as well as wayfinding. I recently stumbled upon a short interview with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, co-founder of Layar, an industry leader in the relatively new field of Augmented Reality, which really piqued my interest. Lens-FitzGerald describes augmented reality… Continue reading>

Ipad Laptop

Although some will savage this as a travesty, I think the Adonit Writer looks like an interesting compromise for those torn between an ipad and a mini laptop/netbook. The Adonit Writer combines an ipad case and integrated bluetooth keyboard in stylish package that allows the ipad screen to be propped at an adjustable angle as… Continue reading>