Of Ice and Toasters

The Toaster Project A Toaster made completely from scratch. Thomas Twaites' quest to build a toaster is a strange and wonderful tale of one man's obsession. Not content with buying the materials and assembling a toaster of his own design, he did the maker movement one better by actually mining his own copper, iron, nickel… Continue reading>

Kitchen-Table Industrialists

An interesting piece in the New York Times Magazine about the maker revolution in electronics, focussing on small companies producing short-run kits out of improbable locations in Manhattan. The thrust of the story is that the means of production have become so affordable that it is possible for American "fabbers" to compete with off-shore sources in… Continue reading>


A really interesting children's interactive play installation at the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota that is described in detail here. This playscape made entirely of packaging tape and plastic shrink film looks like huge fun for kids to clamber around in. The photos kind of remind me of the kids from the Magic Schoolbus travelling through the… Continue reading>


This site is an amazing cornucopia of odd-ball materials and devices. They bill themselves as "the innovator's hardware store", and it really is just that – a one-stop source for all those things you can't find elsewhere. Interestingly, I recognize many of these things from other sources but here they're being offered as the raw materials… Continue reading>


An interesting niche player in the stock photography realm,Livesurface sells images designed to be transformed by signage, packaging, clothing, etc. designers into renderings. A smart idea that could be a time-saver on the right project. (via Evan Marnoch via Twitter) Continue reading>