An interesting niche player in the stock photography realm,Livesurface sells images designed to be transformed by signage, packaging, clothing, etc. designers into renderings. A smart idea that could be a time-saver on the right project. (via Evan Marnoch via Twitter) Continue reading>

TTC Font

Dominion Modern is running an exhibit on the "Toronto Subway" typeface. The show tells the story of the efforts of type and graphic designer David Vereschagin to document and resurrect this unique piece of Canadian graphic/type design. The typeface is a distinctive part of the Toronto aesthetic, this is worth a look for those interested in… Continue reading>

Icons galore

Iconfinder is a great resource for designers or anybody looking for a specific icon. There is a fair bit of dross here, and only rudimentary search capabilities, but they do have some useful public domain stuff like DOT icons that can be difficult to find decent copies of. Continue reading>