image credit: Ethan Labowitz Design/Build is a trend that I'm seeing more and more in the environmental graphics work that I do. Clients are increasingly looking for the turn-key approach that can provide them with a full-service solution from design through to installation. I understand the motivation from the client's perspective -- they only have… Continue reading>

Holiday Re-run

I'm taking the week off from just about everything, but thought I'd offer up something from the archives that you might enjoy if you missed it the first time around -- Lessons From the Library It's a post about the difference between searching and browsing, and what we've gained and lost as search becomes ever… Continue reading>

Over the Transom – Vol. 4

A collection of follow-ups and links to some stories and developments that I found interesting or important in the past week, that I think you’ll find worth reading about too. Computers as Museum Interactives Ed Rodley has done a couple of very interesting posts here and here at his Thinking About Exhibits blog on computers… Continue reading>

Design Fallow

Sometimes I find that I have to learn lessons over and over before they finally sink in. I relearned an important one late last week when a client requested a small change to a concept I'd presented to them earlier in the week. The change was one that I actually wanted to make, and was… Continue reading>

The Schedule is the Problem

When signing on for a project, no matter what kind, a key resource is always time, as expressed through a schedule. Anybody who has even a little control over what projects they become involved in is well-advised to be very careful about agreeing to somebody else's assessment of how much time a project will take.… Continue reading>

Are You Listening?

If you're a designer, you're a problem solver. You have to be, that's what designers do all day -- solve problems. Designers generally have a good ability to take the list of requirements in a design brief and generate multiple approaches to meet them. If you do project work at a design firm or in-house,… Continue reading>