Memorable Complexity

I've written before about the difficulty of distilling complex concepts into something simple. It's a huge design challenge that can pay rich dividends in improved user/visitor experience, and often, it's the difference between comprehension and incoherence or usability and frustration for your intended audience. If you believe in the benefits of simplicity the way I… Continue reading>

The Power of Observation

I had a high school art teacher, Mr. Temesy, whose highest praise during drawing exercises was to say that your drawing was "well observed." I'll admit that at the time I was mostly mystified by what exactly he was driving at with those cryptic words of encouragement. He would take us out on sketching expeditions… Continue reading>

No Right Path

Former Director of Design and influential designer/blogger Khoi Vinh wrote a post a while back titled "The End of Client Services" wherein he described why he felt that the design agency model was no longer a viable option for him. The incendiary title earned him quite a bit of reaction, so much so that… Continue reading>