Ten Lessons

I came upon this post from the 37signals blog which amplifies some of the ideas I was discussing in my recent post about using the principles of Landscape Architecture in exhibit design. It's a piece outlining ten design lessons from Frederick Law Olmsted, the founder of American landscape architecture and designer of classic iconic sites… Continue reading>

Swing and a Miss

In the process of doing a little searching on the "unpaid submissions" post, I came upon a very detailed and well-reasoned article published by the Design Institute of Australia on "Free Pitching". Definitely worth a read if you're looking for more on this topic. (via Dexigner) Continue reading>

The Free Pitch

If you ever want to spark a lively debate amongst designers, just bring up the topic of unpaid submissions. There are a bunch of different opinions on this, and they often vary based on what stage in life/career the person is in. The idea of getting a chance to show your stuff to a client… Continue reading>

Great Client – Great Design

Behind every great design is a great…client. Thought I was going to say "designer" huh? In truth, a great designer is also required, but it starts with the client. Really great clients, the ones designers want to work with, and do their best work for, understand that the design process is a partnership between client… Continue reading>