Alta Google?

Is Google about to topple from its perch as king of search? There's a lot being written lately about how Google search results are being gamed to promote Google products and interests. What I'm seeing day to day is a general "junking up" of search results where the first page of search results are only… Continue reading>


Imagine a world where researchers in completely different fields interacted with each other freely. Consider how unexpected connections between the humanities and the sciences might inform research projects in new and serendipitous ways. Now think about how college and university research departments so often function within a silo structure, rarely making meaningful cross-disciplinary connections. A… Continue reading>

Scaling the Walled Garden

There's a trend underway in personal computers that leaves me greatly conflicted. From a user experience perspective, it's great that so many devices "just work." Apple's iOS devices are just short of magical in their simplicity and functionality -- surely that's a good thing, right? But there's another aspect of user experience that's been lost… Continue reading>

What’s Next?

It was gratifying to see a user experience/interface horror that I had complained about in this space less than a month ago, solved in a highly elegant way by a completely new take on the problem. I'm referring, of course, to the Nest programmable thermostat developed by some ex-Apple Product Engineers. Twitter and the Blogosphere… Continue reading>

Memorable Complexity

I've written before about the difficulty of distilling complex concepts into something simple. It's a huge design challenge that can pay rich dividends in improved user/visitor experience, and often, it's the difference between comprehension and incoherence or usability and frustration for your intended audience. If you believe in the benefits of simplicity the way I… Continue reading>