Holiday Re-run

I’m taking the week off from just about everything, but thought I’d offer up something from the archives that you might enjoy if you missed it the first time around — Lessons From the Library

It’s a post about the difference between searching and browsing, and what we’ve gained and lost as search becomes ever more ubiquitous. It’s also a bit of a plea to designers not to lose site of the indefinable aspects of experiences that make them memorable and important. A brief sample:

…physicality contributes an indefinable something that leads to a richer and more memorable experience. The textures of the bindings and pages, the heft of a particularly authoritative tome, and even the musty smell of a book that hasn’t shared its secrets in a very long time, they all contribute something to the experience. It’s those things that are missing when we interact with pixels instead of things.

I wish you a restful holiday season, if you’re taking this week off, and a very Happy New Year, regardless.


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