The name pretty much says it all. While it's easy to find stuff to read on the web, it's a bit harder to find things that are worth reading. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the articles and essays aggregated here. If you're an Instapaper user, you can save items to read later… Continue reading>

Not a Libyan URL Shortener

As maybe most people don't know, popular URL shorteners like rely on use of the Libyan .ly top level domain. Some may find this distasteful. A new, ironically named URL shortening service has sprung up: It does what the others do, without relying on cooperation from the Libyan authorities. So, Twitter users, shorten your… Continue reading>


A really great site for aggregating long(er) form journalism from publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, etc. Articles are beautifully presented with the title and first paragraph, along with source details, including word count/reading time estimate. Very highly recommended bookmark. Continue reading>

NPR’s Ira Glass on creativity

This partial transcript of this video is a fresh take on the struggles of creative people to live up to their own good taste in the early stages of their career. Glass is talking about writing, but his comments apply equally to any creative endeavour. Highly recommended. (via daring fireball) Continue reading>