Great Client – Great Design

Behind every great design is a great…client. Thought I was going to say "designer" huh? In truth, a great designer is also required, but it starts with the client. Really great clients, the ones designers want to work with, and do their best work for, understand that the design process is a partnership between client… Continue reading>


Lendle provides a way to lend and borrow Kindle e-books using any device that has a Kindle app, including Macs, PCs, ipad, iphone, etc. To me, this is the last piece of the e-book puzzle, the ability to share a book you loved with friends, with the added bonus that it won't come back dog-eared… Continue reading>

Video Time Machine

YTTM has been around for a while, but continues to develop a deeper trove of historical video. It might be a bit of a stretch to call breakfast cereal commercials from 1968 "historical video", but this really is a very fascinating trip down memory lane. Content is organized on the site by year, and includes… Continue reading>

Maker’s Maker

This Wired profile of Limor Fried really challenges the traditional image of the designer/maker. Not so long ago, when that term was used it referred to a ceramicist, glass blower, woodworker, etc. – traditional craftspeople. With the advent of so much accessible technology that can be made to do new and surprising things, the definition has… Continue reading>


Kickstarter is a fascinating site to browse for designers or really anybody involved or interested in arts and culture. Projects are posted by creators looking for funding for projects ranging from art installations to ipad accessories, and harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to attract it in increments of as little as $1. Contributors are offered… Continue reading>


This one came to me a little bit late, but it's a cool piece of temporary public art that is "a unique and thought-provoking monument inspired by the iconic presence of Muhammad Ali" The official site is here, but some better photos can be found here. I really like the idea that this can be approached in… Continue reading>

Lurker no more

OK, so the recent changes I made to the portfolio section of this site got me thinking about all the other things that were wrong, and how I needed, and more importantly wanted, to have a bit more of a vehicle for contributing to the dialogue on design on the internet. I'm a big consumer… Continue reading>