The Jargon Problem

I've always been fascinated with language and the ways it can be used. Clear, evocative prose expressed in an authentic voice is such a pleasure to read. It can be so difficult to get an idea across in an engaging way, that I truly admire anyone who can pull it off. Of course, language can… Continue reading>

RIM’s Marketing Mess

If I had a chance to give beleaguered RIM one piece of advice, it would be this: Stop! Stop the scattergun of conflicting messages you're sending, step away from the mic, cancel all the ads and the ill-conceived publicity stunts and think for a minute. Figure out what it is you're trying to do. Because… Continue reading>

Better Maps for Wayfinding

Maps are one of the bedrock tools in the wayfinding kit. They're important for orienting users to the space they're in, and an important first step in being able to appreciate and understand a place. Without the ability to create some sort of mental model of a place, no matter how rudimentary, it becomes harder… Continue reading>

It’s All About The Batteries

It's a frequently unappreciated fact that the form factors of our mobile devices are largely driven by the batteries that power them. Not the shape so much, but certainly the bulk and the weight. If you don't believe it, check out the teardown sequences on The iPad is essentially a battery with a screen… Continue reading>

Lessons from Legible London

The Legible London report is a comprehensive and highly readable study of pedestrian wayfinding in what is arguably one of the most complex major cities in the world. The report by AIG (now Applied) was commissioned in anticipation of the influx of visitors expected for the 2012 Olympics, and serves as a kind of master… Continue reading>

The Curator’s Code

There's been quite a dust-up in the last few days on Twitter and various blogs over Maria Popova's (@brainpicker) Curator's Code initiative. The Curator's Code proposes a standardized system of Unicode characters for attributing "via" and "hat tip" sources for content used or referenced in blogs, aggregator sites and social media. In her words, it's… Continue reading>