Alta Google?

Is Google about to topple from its perch as king of search? There's a lot being written lately about how Google search results are being gamed to promote Google products and interests. What I'm seeing day to day is a general "junking up" of search results where the first page of search results are only… Continue reading>

RIM Shot

A forgotten concept from 2009 that might've saved RIM? Meh. The design is sort of interesting, as concepts often are, but so what? RIM chose not to pursue it, for reasons that doubtless made sense to them at the time, so there's little point in rehashing it now. What I find a lot more interesting… Continue reading>


Imagine a world where researchers in completely different fields interacted with each other freely. Consider how unexpected connections between the humanities and the sciences might inform research projects in new and serendipitous ways. Now think about how college and university research departments so often function within a silo structure, rarely making meaningful cross-disciplinary connections. A… Continue reading>

Of Ice and Toasters

The Toaster Project A Toaster made completely from scratch. Thomas Twaites' quest to build a toaster is a strange and wonderful tale of one man's obsession. Not content with buying the materials and assembling a toaster of his own design, he did the maker movement one better by actually mining his own copper, iron, nickel… Continue reading>

Holiday Re-run

I'm taking the week off from just about everything, but thought I'd offer up something from the archives that you might enjoy if you missed it the first time around -- Lessons From the Library It's a post about the difference between searching and browsing, and what we've gained and lost as search becomes ever… Continue reading>

Weekend Reading – Christmas Edition

If you celebrate Christmas, I can do no better for a weekend reading recommendation than to commend to you a great classic from Dylan Thomas: A Child's Christmas in Wales. This piece sits somewhere between between poetry and prose, conjuring up rich imagery of Christmas from a simpler time, populated with memorable and familiar characters.… Continue reading>